Vic Shipping are specialists in all types of transportation, locally & anywhere in the world, from the smallest shipment through to the largest bulk or containerized requirements.

Specialist SolutionOver the last few years modern technology has assisted in creating specialized facilities to allow the transport of the most exacting product to be effectively shipped by sea, road or air to almost any part of the globe.

Sometimes the issue is size but other times it may be specialized climate control. Whatever the particular requirement - there is always a solution.

Container Leasing & Purchase

Container StorageVic Shipping have special rates available for all types of containers, either on a lease basis or outright purchase. Shipment to some parts of the globe, such as Russia & Africa, may actually be enhanced by the inclusion of a special price for a budget Non-Return Container. Talk to us & you might find a new marketing edge for markets not previously targetted.

Bulk Shipments

Container ShippingVic Shipping has been handling Bulk Shipments of all types of product for many decades. There are very few items that we have not done before. We supply services of the very best quality at very best rates!

Our expertise covers both Loose Bulk and Containerised Bulk handling.

Road and Rail

Specialist SolutionPart of the Integrated Transport Solution will very likely include road and/or rail. With our contacts and buying power, you are guarranteed the very best rates.

No matter what the product, size or weight, we will tailor a transport solution to match the criteria.