Vic Shipping - Corporate Benefits

As the global community becomes a reality in this new century, businesses must continue to improve their performance on the world stage. Partnerships with specialist companies outside of the core business activities is the way to compete effectively. The demands for transportation and handling of materials and products is a key part of the customer satisfaction cycle, both within a specific country and between different countries.

Victorian Shipping is a secure partner to any corporation in the supply chain by providing complete transport solutions with solid long-term value to clients. We regularly handle both "specific item solutions" and "bulk logistics" to service customer's requirements.

Integrated transport solutions for bulk commodities:

Victorian Shipping has a long established reputation in the handling of bulk commodities, and is familiar with the difficulties experienced by companies dealing with the transportation of commodities to many different regions around the globe. Victorian Shipping understands the issues that arise at every stage of the transportation chain — from stockyard to conveyors, loaders, ships, unloaders, barges, silos, warehousing through to inland transportation.

This knowledge, combined with the management and technical expertise to handle any industrial shipping situation, forms the foundation used to develop transport solutions.

Terminal and Logistics Solutions:

Victorian Shipping provides consultancy and project management services to the industry to handle all the various issues of terminal and logistics management. Expertise developed over many decades allows integrated shipping solutions to be customised for clients by addressing their entire logistics chain. Services provided include: feasibility studies, logistics optimisation, material handling, vessel and terminal design and financial structuring of specialised shipping arrangements including ocean transport, offshore ship-loading and unloading, barging, terminal operation, stockyard management and inland transportation.