Maritime & Port Services

Vic Shipping offers a wide range of technical services to ship owners worldwide. The team provides: technical management, crew management, survey and inspection, and technical consultancy services, with experience relating to various ship types — bulk carriers, product and chemical tankers, container and general cargo ships.

Technical Management:

The accumulated experience of over 90 years in shipping operations gives Victorian Shipping the advantage of familiarity with various owners and what to look for in the operation and safe management of their ships.

Crew Management and Training:

Training Centres can be established to continuously upgrade and retrain staff, to ensure that they meet the Company's quality standards. Centre's focus on upgrading professional skills, training in safety awareness and practice, and instilling a sense of discipline, quality and the corporate culture can all help create a professional leading crew teams.

Survey and Inspection Services:

Vic Shipping offers a comprehensive range of survey and inspection services:

  • Regular independent in-service inspection
  • Safety audit inspection
  • Port state compliance inspection
  • Accident and damage inspection
  • Hull condition survey

Technical Consultancy Services:

With a diversity of market experience, Vic Shipping has the flexibility and ability to handle many varied consultancy and evaluation projects.