Services Solutions - Overview

In this new century, global development is creating demand for products and services across the globe, to many and varied customer requirements. The one constant today is the need to supply to vary exacting timeframes. In turn, these demands must be supplied with transportation and handling of materials and products taht meets with exact requirements.

Victorian Shipping, Logistics and Consolidating Management Services encompass all the necessary skills and expertise to partner in most any job requirements. Overviews of some key areas of services include:


Vic Shipping has access to a wide range of technical expertise, including transportation, storage, distribution and logistic management. Through joint ventures and business associations, we have access to a vast range of know-how in all areas pertinent to providing integrated solutions across most industries.


Vic Shipping strongly believes in an integrated approach to shipping solutions. The marine transportation of products is a complex system of interdependent elements. It is not enough to solve a shipping problem rather, the entire logistics chain needs to be considered. Decisions on any element of the chain impact on other elements, resulting implications affect overall operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Vic Shipping demonstrates conviction in consultancy advice given to clients, providing practical and workable solutions — conviction underscored by a willingness to participate with the client in implementation of the solution. VicShip is always willing to back its advice through providing project and operational management.